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Stop Working Nights & Weekends

Are you working nights and weekends, trying to catch up on paperwork? We find that most business owners are spending too much time and energy on bookkeeping.

You’re missing out on time with family and friends, and let’s be honest, bookkeeping isn’t the most enjoyable task in business. 

What We Do

We’ll make sure you know what’s in your bank account, who you need to pay and when. We’ll make sure your GST returns are completed on time, and let you know what you’ll need to pay. We can help you budget every month and keep you on track.  And we can even help you with customers that don’t pay.

Monthly Reconciliation

We’ll take care of all your monthly reconciliation making sure your payments are associated with the right accounts and customers.


File your payroll with IRD, and make sure your staff are being paid on time and the right amount.

Xero & MYOB

We can set up and run either Xero or MYOB cloud accounting apps, helping you keep your finger on the pulse.

Debt Recovery

Customers not paying?  We’ll help you recover bad debts and make sure your customers are paying on time.


We’ll let you know what you’ll need to pay and when it’s due.  We’ll file the return with IRD to make sure you don’t get any fines.

Monthly Budget & Targets

Make sure you’re achieving the results you want, with targets and budgets.

How We Help

We know you’re spending time doing the bookkeeping and trying to catch up on admin at nights and weekends, we get it. The work has to get done by someone, and usually, it’s you the business owner that has to pick up the slack.  You wear many different hats, but bookkeeping shouldn’t be one of them. Let us help you out.

We will pick up the slack, making sure your finances are in order so you can spend time with your family and not spend time looking at figures.

Our Customers


Bill and the team are great people to work with. They are proactive, helpful and straight forward with good advice.


I’ve been using Vonder Accountants for a number of years. Very helpful team and work is done on time. Fees are very reasonable and it’s like all my accounting is on autopilot.

Watersmith Plumbing and Gas

Vonder Accountants are a top team of professionals. I get efficient service, they sort everything. I can’t recommend them highly enough.

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1. Choose Your Package
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3. Spend Time With Your Family
3. Spend Time With Your Family


About – Bookkeeping

At Vonder Accountants we know that you want to be a successful owner-operator. In order to do that, you need the right people doing the right jobs, and not worrying about money. 

We’ll give you time back, so you can enjoy being in business and not suffocated by the growing stack of admin that needs attention.


We have a range of accounting and bookkeeping services and can tailor a package that will suit your business needs at a cost you can afford.

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